Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Vacation - Part III

Maddie and Colin stayed with us for a couple weeks after Nationals and we had a blast.

We took the kids shopping and they all gravitated toward this sculpture.  I love this pic!

They had some fun with the underwater camera.  LOL!



And then some posing above water - Syd and Maddie.

Add Layne to the mix.  Duck lips!

An "usie" (ya know, a selfie with more than one person LOL!)

These pics crack me up.  Posing next to painted pictures on the wall of the pool.  LOL!

Colin being clever with the camera.  He took some pretty cool pics.

Having fun on the playground.

On July 4th, we went to a Travelers game and later watched the fireworks from the field.

Trav's won!

The fireworks were quite a show.

We played games a lot.  The Game of Life was one of the favorites.

Another "usie".

Joined some friends on a walk across the Big Dam Bridge.

Everyone has new sneaks!

On one of the last days Maddie and Colin were in AR, we took part in the Chick-fil-A free meal.  We dressed up as cows and got a free lunch!  (We took this shot several times, and each & every time, Layne closed her eyes.)

We had such a good time with Maddie and Colin here visiting with us.  Can't wait for next summer!

A week after they went home, we started our 2-week vacation to the Northeast.  A few more posts should cover the vacation - one for New York, one for Boston, and one for Provincetown.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Vacation - Part II

When we were not dancing, we were playing around on the beach.  We had such a good time with our dance family.  
Here, the girls spell out the studio's nickname - FFTC.  The girls are both on the second F.

The girls had such a good time hanging out together.  Syd is 6th from left (black top), and Layne is 4th from right (pink skirt).

The girls outside the competition venue in Panama City.  Layne is far left (pink top and tutu), Syd is squatting in the front with a hat on her head.

We were on the 28th floor, so the view down to the beach was pretty good.  I got out my camera and shot the umbrellas.

And it was perfect to view all of the wild life that swam through our part of the beach.

A large sting ray.

Some baby sharks  - that made a sharp turn toward the opposite direction when they saw people.

A dolphin jumping out of the water.

A bunch of dolphins

A manatee!  There were actually two.

My parents drove up mid-week to see a couple of the girls dances.  My niece and nephew, Maddie and Colin, joined them up for the drive.  They stayed when my parents went back home and drove back to Arkansas with us.  They stayed for a couple weeks and hung with us.  We were so happy to have them and we had such a good time.  Next post … our time with them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nationals - Small Groups

Lastly, came the small groups - a lyrical, a jazz, and a tap.


Lyrical is not Syd's best genre, so she ends up in the back a lot.  LOL!  This is a sweet beautiful dance.

Syd is in the back (count four from the right)


On the right

Second from right

Middle (but still in the back LOL!)

(Best if viewed in full screen.)  Sydney starts in the back (fourth from right)


This was Syd's (and the rest of the girls') least favorite dance.  I don't think they ever really got it together.  
Syd is second from left.

Second from right

Third from left

Second from left



Syd starts out behind the girl that is second from the left.  But then moves around.


"This Joint is Jumpin' "  This is my favorite of all Syd's dances (except her solo).  Such a fun and awesome dance.
Syd is third from left.

Middle "boy"

Right "boy"

She and her partner are in the middle

Far left (the only "boy" without her hat over her eyes)

Far left

(Best if viewed in full screen.)  Syd starts out sitting behind the table and moves far left.  But then moves all over.  And then about ⅔ into it, she wipes out.  LOL!  Slippery floor.

All three acts earned a "Elite Top First" - the highest adjudication award.  Out of about 55 acts, there were over 20 "Elite Top First" awards.  So unless they called out the Top 25, we knew there was a chance none of the dances would place.  

They awarded the Top 15.  Beat didn't place, and although With Love didn't place either, they received the Breath of Fresh Air Judges Choice Award. A fun award! The Joint on the other hand, despite Syd's face-plant, place 5th!  And just as we were about to burst with pride, they announce that The Joint made it to the Showcase!  The Showcase is the opportunity for the 10 top-scoring dances (one dance per studio) to re-compete for the National Grand Champion.  What an honor!  Now, we were actually bursting with pride!!

The Showcase competition was the next evening.  The girls performed one of their best (and Sydney didn't even fall!).  However, it wasn't enough to win the National Grand Champion (and they don't place the rest - only called out First Place, so we don't know if we came close.  LOL!).  But we were so proud.  The girls did awesome!

Now … on to another great season!