Sunday, February 03, 2013

2013 Competition Begins

This weekend was the beginning of our dance competition season.  This season, Sydney is in eight dances - four tap, two hip-hop, one lyrical, one jazz.  [Layne is in one tap, but her group didn't compete in this competition because the coach felt that they weren't ready.]

We were up bright and early for the large group hip-hop (average age 8), For the DJ.  It was high energy and a lot of fun.  They received the highest points for the large group category of that age group, first place.  Yeah!!  Here are four of the 14 in the group (Sydney on the far left).

Next up, was Bobble Head, a small group jazz (average age 9).  It was an adorable routine.  This was their first jazz routine.  Here are all six girls in the group (Sydney, again, on the far left).  

After that, was Hit Me Up, a small group tap (average age 10).  The four girls (same as in the first pic) work well together and did a great job. [No pic.]

Next was Let It Be, a small group lyrical (average age 9).  Same girls as in Bobble Head.  They did a great job and it was their first lyrical routine.  [No pic.]

Closing out the day, was Rock This Town, a large group tap (average age 9).  There were 11 girls tapping their hearts out.  They had a great time.  [No pic.]

At the awards ceremony for "Junior" group (ages 9-11) intermediate division, the girls placed as follows:  Bobble Head was 5th, Hit Me Up was 3rd, and Let It Be was 2nd.  For our girls to have three places in the top five overall was a great showing.  And considering this is only the second year of dancing for most of the girls and first year of jazz and lyrical, it makes it even sweeter. 

The large group placed 3rd overall, another great showing.

All routines are judged and adjudicated on a point scale.  And there is are adjudication awards given based on the points earned.  Based on a range, each routine earns a "Platinum", "High Gold", "Gold", "High Silver" on a score out of 300.  All five routines from the day received the highest score, Platinum.  

Today, Sydney danced her solo, a tap routine to Blue Jeans, and her trio, a tap routine to Tightrope.  Both, yes BOTH! got first place (and Platinums)!  Sydney received the highest points for all the junior solos in her age group (9-11) intermediate division (and $50).  And also earned an "All-Star" position for the competition company.  So cool!

Here is her trio (she's again on the far left):

She danced one last routine, a large group hip-hop to It's Going Up, with the Teen group (average age 13).  She was thrilled to be asked to dance with the older girls, and they had a great time with this one.  They didn't place in the top 5 overall, and received a High Gold.  There are 17 girls in the group and I guess they have to clean up the routine.  But it was adorable and you could tell the girls were having fun.  [No pic.]

Taking pictures or videos during the competition is prohibited.  They offer both for purchase online when the competition is over.  We will likely get some.  And when we do, I will post them.  

It was a good opening to our competition season, and Sydney had a blast.  Can't wait for the next one when Layne is competing too.  Should be in two weeks.

I'm so proud of my girl!

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K J and the kids said...

I have close friends wrapped up in this dance world. I know what it takes and the commitment time and money. I am also super impressed with your make up skillz :)

Can't WAIT to see her solo. That is just awesome.