Monday, February 25, 2013

RIP Mouse

Our beloved cat, Mouse, passed away a couple weeks ago.  He was the first pet that Jess and I got as a couple.  He made the move from Massachusetts to Arkansas with us, and came along before either of the girls were born.  He also made three more moves with us and went from being an indoor cat to an outdoor cat.  He was over 13 years old.

It was difficult, because the girls found him.  He lived in our front yard and refused to come in the house, even on the wettest and coldest days.  Every morning, he would greet us on our way to school/work.  Layne fed him and he was always there to get some loving from us.  

That morning, the girls went out to the car before me.  As I came out of the house, Layne said to me, "Momma, why is he laying weird like that?"  I took one look and I knew - I just KNEW.  I told the girls to get in the car and I called Jess (she was on overnight call at the hospital).  I told her about the situation and we both started to cry.  At this point, both of the girls were hysterically crying.  I wrapped him up and brought him in the house.  Between the time that I left for school/work with the girls and the time that Jess got home from work was about 30 minutes.  She took him to the vet and arranged to have him cremated.  

I always imagined that he would just go off somewhere and we would have to assume that he ran away to die.  I'd also thought, however, after seeing him lounging so many mornings in the carport, what might happen if we came out one morning and he was dead.  It did not happen the way I thought it would. 

It was much sadder that I thought it would be, and I felt much sadder that I thought I would.  He was loved, and he will be missed.

RIP, Mouse.  We love you.


K J and the kids said...

I am so sorry.
We are days to weeks from putting our sweet Sadie down and I'm struggling to find it in me to take her in.
There are times that I do wish I would find her sleeping eternally. Making the decision to put her down has been so hard.

mike2501 said...

Its literally the hardest thing in the world... At least it was for me. My mom worked in a funeral home so I grew up around that to some degree, people dying really didn't bother me that much. I honestly can say I never cried at family members funerals, sad but just never cried.
When I met my wife she had a cat, a mean old bitch!(the cat, heh;) that cat took most of its life before it decided I was OK! A few years in we adopted a second cat, a huge Maine coon, he was my buddy, followed me around everywhere, ate my cookies, slept with me, met me at the door when I got home. He couldn't make up his mind if he was a dog or a human instead of a cat! He he. He lived to be 17 and he got cancer, the vet thought, it was a weeks long ordeal, vet trips etc, he just wouldn't eat, we finally decided to put him to sleep so he wouldn't be miserable.
I cried like a little baby, it just came out of nowhere and I broke down. It literally affected me for months. Who would of known, a guy who could care less about cats! Heh.
My wife's cat lived to be 19, had q few strokes and went blind then couldn't walk within a few days, this was like a year later I think, we went through the same thing all over again.
I swore no more pets. I didnt want to lose any more kids! (Some people treat pets like pets or worse, I used to run service calls and some people with animals shouldn't be allowed to own pets, much less kids, by the way they treat their animals)
...but my wife has never been without a cat, so I think I held out a year. Now several years later we have three Maine coons, a five year old boy and two twin three year old sisters. Kids in the house again. The boy was NOT happy when he found out he was getting sisters! He finally adjusted enough, but it was a close call whether we were going to be able to keep the girls. (Adoption company let's you try them out for a few weeks to see how things will go first, a great idea so they dont wind up in a bad situation.)
Now they play and get along like you would expect brothers and sisters to, hehehe)
I dont look forward to going through that again, but hopefully I'll be in my sixties before that happens, with their longer lives.