Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013 - Part 2

Since I posted last, we've been out of town two more times.  We got home last week and spent the time unpacking and just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  I've been working on editing and resizing all the pics from my camera and phone so I can post them all here.  So get ready!

After SeaWorld, we drove to Jess's father's house in Vero Beach.  We spent a couple days visiting with Bill and his ladyfriend, Caroline.  We enjoyed a couple days of visiting and sun.

First, they took us out on their boat to do a little fishing.  Sydney was pretty excited.

Unfortunately, none of us were very interested in actually baiting a hook and holding a pole except for Syd.  Layne just wanted to eat pretzels.

And lounge around.  LOL!  Doesn't she look comfy?!

But Syd just kept right on fishing.  Got a couple nibbles, but not much more.  I think she was just enjoying looking pretty cool.  LOL!

Bill and Caroline have four crab traps off their dock and they eat the crabs they catch - well, they eat the claws.  Here, they girls help him with this stone crab.  They usually clip off both claws before throwing them back in the water (the claws grow back), but Jess and I felt bad leaving them defenseless.  So Bill only clipped off one.  LOL!

Sydney wanted to fish all the time.  She would fish when everyone else was in the pool.

She was very determined to catch something, but every time Caroline baited the hook for her, she'd feel something tug and when she reeled it in, there was nothing.  She was so bummed.

So she got in the pool instead.

Layne got in the fun too.

And so did I.  LOL!

Playing "momma and baby turtle".  LOL!

After a day on the boat and an evening in the pool, Layne decided to wind down while playing with some of her SeaWorld pals.

Then "Grandpa" made them some popcorn in their movie popcorn maker.

The last night we were there, Bill and Caroline took us to dinner at the yacht club where they are members.  We had to get all dressed up.

My pretty girls!

After dinner, we drove to my parents house to begin our visit with them.  We did a lot of just hanging around because that's what we like to do best.  LOL!  The kids did a lot of swimming in my parent's neighborhood pool while the adults went shopping.  One day, we all went to the pool and brought along the camera for some more fun water pics.

Megan couldn't get enough of Layne.  And Layne just ate it up!  A match made in Heaven.  LOL!

Maddie (left) and Sydney (right) breaking the rules of the pool!  Yikes!

Yeah Colin!!

Peace, Maddie.

Even my mom and dad got in the pool!

Colin photo-bombed mom's pic.  LOL!

Posing ...

More posing (I know a little blurry, but an adorable underwater pic of these three!).

Even more posing.  LOL!

Layne insisted.  LOL!

More Colin.

My honey!

And me!

After a few days of thoroughly enjoying hanging out with my family and 10 days in Florida, we hit the road and headed home.

When we left Florida, we had two extra passengers.  Maddie and Colin came back to Arkansas with us.    They had never been to our house sans their mom.  So it was a fun, exciting trip for all of us (we love you Megan, but if the kids are going to spend time away from you, we want it to be with us.  LOL!)  They had spent several summers in Massachusetts with my other sisters, so we felt like it was our turn.

We arrived home from Florida on a Wednesday.  We had a week to unpack and swim and let the kids have some fun hanging out together before we hit the road again.  Here, the kids took advantage of a rainy thunderstormy day (thus, closed pool) and had a water balloon fight.

Here, Colin gets Sydney while Tuck tries to duck for cover.  LOL!  Maddie and Layne stay at a safe distance.  

Layne got a little brave and threw one at Colin.  It turned it to a "boys against girls" fight, but Colin did just fine being a team all his own.  LOL!  (Notice Maddie in the wings with a water balloon at the ready.)

Sydney revenges the earlier blow from Colin and gets him squarely on the back.

When it was all done, they picked up the balloon pieces and dried off.  I had fun just watching, so I know they had a blast playing.

The kids had so much fun hanging out for the week - swimming, water ballooning, insanity-ing (Maddie and Colin went with Syd and Layne to their dance insanity classes).  Then it was time to head to Hot Springs for the pageant where Layne was a Princess.

More on that in the next post.  Until then...

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K J and the kids said...

What an amazing family to spend time with.
I love it that your sister and parents joined in the fun at the pool.
What a great experience for both girls.

Glad they got to come home with you.