Monday, December 09, 2013

Yep, a post.

Remember me?  I'm sure no one even comes by here anymore because there's been nothing to see for over three months.  I cast no blame except to myself for not posting.  No apologies, no excuses, and no long stories why.  I'm just jumping right back in to it.

Quick recap, I've been teaching science to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at the girls school.  I love it.  So much harder than I ever imagined, but so very rewarding.  I have a 4th grade "homeroom" class that is sweet as can be.  I love 'em all.

Girls have been doing their things - both in dance, both doing cheerleading, both in Girl Scouts (yes, I'm the leader of both troops), both learning tumbling; Syd has an extra day at dance and Layne does piano.  Just have to remember what day it is.  LOL!

The girls are one year older (Syd, 11 and Layne, 7) celebrating birthdays within three weeks of each other not too long ago.  Syd was a vampiress and Layne, Dorothy for Halloween.  And we went to Mimi's for Thankgiving (Jess had to work and did not want to begin preparing dinner when she got home, so we went out).  And now we are finishing the last few touches of decorating for Christmas.  The elf showed up right on time on December 1, and has been wreaking havoc since then.  LOL!

My parents are coming for the holidays, and I hope to post more - not only about the upcoming festivities, but some commentaries and pics about what's been going on the last three plus months.  After all, as Jess says all the time, this isn't really for you, it's for our family and chronicling our life.  So I have a little bit of catching up to do.

Until next time ...

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